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DOWNLOAD: Yuzzo - Kwenye Muziki (mp3)

Kwenye Muziki” (“In Music”) is a rough and energetic debut single, a melodic and technically detailed hiphop/drumnbase statement. Progressive rhyme-flows in Swahili combined with crisp drum compositions, haunting samples, deep basses and pulsating melodic synth progressions served to thrill your mind. This is their first single from their upcoming EP, which will be released late 2018. Kwenye Muziki has deep lyrical content and is a tribute to each individual’s ability to stand strong in the face of obese mass production, mass consumption and other dark forces. “Be antimaterial to the Wackness!” When Kwenye Muziki, be true to yourself. Thank you for visiting Mwinyi Blog, please click HERE to like my facebook page for more entertainment.

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